Hello world!

Well, this was not a post. However, I’ve got a welcome comment; so this is now a welcome post.


7 Comments to “Hello world!”

  1. Look forward to your inspiring thoughts, Gabriela. Always my pleasure to read you.

  2. Thanks, Claudia. You’re always the first one to comment!
    I hope to get some inspiration, too.

  3. Dear Gaby,

    Get ready for an unforgettable ride and fasten your seat belts!!!It´s a pleasure to have you in our session.

    Warm Regards
    Jennifer Verschoor
    SMiELT co-moderator

  4. Thanks a lot, Jennifer.
    I’m sure this ride will be unforgettable.
    see you

  5. Hello, Gabriela. I’ve just dropped in to say hello to a fellow in the SMiELT workshop. Looking forward to learn more about you. Cheers.

  6. Hola, Gabriela.

    It’s a pleasure to meet you in SMiELT!

    You mentioned that you felt welcome and involved in the EVO kick-off even though you didn’t know anyone there. I’m not surprised at your reaction! I’ve been involved in a number of the EVO seminars over the past several years, and I’ve always felt the same way. The facilitators for the “live” sessions are particularly good at encouraging interaction and establishing a warm, inviting atmosphere. I can tell that SMiELT will be that way, too, because I’ve “met” most of the moderators and co-moderators here, and I know that they are always warm and supportive—which leads to a very engaging, welcoming atmosphere.

    I hope that SMiELT will be a very positive experience for you, me, and everyone who’s registered for the seminar!

    Dennis in Phoenix

  7. Dennis, I’ve just seen you photo. I know you! I’ve come across you lots of times but never contacted you. I’m very happy you dropped by.

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