Busy Sunday

I’ve just received an email from the SMiELT team saying the the workshop has officially started.

The show really started before the opening. Today there was an EVO kick-off session. I was amazed at the number of participants, lots in the chat room and around 100 people following on ustream. Yes, 100! I didn’t know anybody. This is strange. I guess that if I went to a party where I knew nobody, I would feel awful. However, I fell comfortable online, surrounded by people I don’t know. Why?crowd.jpg

A lot of activity in the SMiELT site, too. People are showing up in the forums, I’m trying to read all, visit their blogs… (well, it’s Sunday and I’m on holidays). We’re also playing a wonderful ice-breaker game suggested by Charles Cameron.


Well, all this before we had started.

Photos: dogseat
and twoblueday

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3 Comments to “Busy Sunday”

  1. Hi Gabriela
    I love the pictures you’ve added to your blog!
    The kick-off was incredible, wasn’t it! And I understand your feeling about not knowing anyone, but now this has already changed 🙂 Thhe incredible thing with these sessions and the webheads is that meeting people goes incredibly fast, and then suddenly you realize at an on-line event that you know so many people, where before you were just another name in the crowd.

    I’m looking forward to following your blog and your thoughts here:-)

  2. Yes, it does, incredibly fast. In these couple of days I’ve met so many people, and most of all, I know so much about them!

  3. Hi Gabriela
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I feel the same when it comes to meeting people online comparing to meeting them offline. I have always wondered why it is so much easier to interact with people online than it is offline. There are certainly a few reasons for that. One maybe because we feel more relaxed and express ourselves without constraints since we are not looking at the people face to face. Another one maybe because people like you and me like to express themselves in writing. I often have the feeling that I can convey ideas and thoughts easier than when I speak. In fact, I prefer writing to speaking in the online world. Can you think of any other reasons?

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