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(I opened a twitter account a week ago. Yes, I’m slow. I have a suspicious mind, too. When everyone’s talking about the same thing, I simply suspect. I get a sort of mind saturation as well . The result is I don’t feel like trying. This is what happened to me with twitter. I finally surrendered; partly because of the SMiELT course, partly because I’m on holiday, partly because everybody seemed to have calmed down, but -most of all- because I decided to get rid of my prejudice. It wasn’t an unconditional surrender, though. “Let’s see what you have to offer!”, I thought as I signed up.

I won’t write a post about twitter here, I won’t add one more to the thousands that already exist. I won’t even tagg this post ‘twitter’. I want to talk about something else and just wanted to tell you that I had absolutely forgotten about the Open PD sessions that were to start yesterday and Darren’s tweet was a on-time reminder (perhaps it IS showing me what it has to offer after all, GRRRR)

That said, I start the post.


The idea of Open Professional Development wouldn’t have been possible without technology, that’s a fact. It wouldn’t be possible without people (in this case Darren and Robin) taking the trouble and dedicating their time to organize the session, true.

If you have a look at the topics you’ll find a list of tools. However, the Agenda shows the schedule is based mostly on discussion.
Both Darren and Robin have a way of approaching tools that I love. They show how to use them, get rid of the technical aspects soon and start asking why and what for and motivating discussion to share experiences. At the end of the session we were asked to write our reflections in a wiki page, the tool we had mostly discussed. It’s worth reading what the participants wrote. It’s always encouraging to find out that we share so may concerns and hopes, regardless age, teaching experience or working conditions.

There are other sessions.If you missed this one, you haven’t missed them all.

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3 Comments to “Just Opening”

  1. This week’s class went very well, didn’t it? From a technical stand-point, I’m very pleased with the results. Pedagogically, I’m not sure about the instructors, but the discussion was sure interesting. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us. Your input is very valuable!


  2. Darren I’ve learnt how to teach by teaching, but also through teachers doing their job. That’s something I always appreciate. Theory hasn’t helped me much.
    I sometimes find it difficult to believe that you and Robin are not at the same place. You seem to have been working together for a long time. I really appreciate the way you organize the sessions and the open attitude both of you have. I hope the teachers up there in Utah also value your work.
    La próxima semana estoy de vacaciones, nos vemos la siguiente.
    Have fun next Wednesday

  3. Gabriela thanks for the kind words and for participating in our class. I believe we have a good model for using the tools we are teaching and the conversations have been great! I have been reading and commenting on the reflections, it is important for all in the class to know their thoughts and concerns are heard. It is a difficult for some to envision how to use the tools and Darren and I are always trying to refine what we want to do and make the experience a positive one for all. Hope to see you again in class, having you there adds a great deal to the conversations!

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