Who teaches what

Needless to say, it’s not my specific task as an EFL teacher to introduce web applications to my students. I wish they already knew how to use them; I don’t teach them how to handle a pen, or on which side of the paper they should write; they already know how to write on a Word Doc. or how to edit a Powerpoint presentation. They are supposed to have acquired lots of skills before I meet them for the first time, so I sometimes wonder why I have to teach them things like how to download an image or how to register or how to edit a post. I tell myself they are using English in a meaningful context; therefore I feel I’m not wasting time. But what if I was a History teacher…
I wish I worked in a school where my students had ICT as a subject and not Computer Science, I wish I could use web applications just as I use the blackboard (yes, not the SmartBoard, not even the Whiteboard; I use a BLACKboard, with chalk -you know, those white sticks of compressed powder).


My question: if your students have ICT as a subject, do you set them to blogging, for instance, just as you give them any other assignment?

Note: please, do follow the link to flickr. You’ll find a student using flickr creatively. I tried to upload the photo with notes, I simply couldn’t. I’m not sure whether I have to blame WordPress or myself.

Photo by elliottcable

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