Watching students

Stephie was my student last year. She started posting as a class activity, but she took her posting further. Now blogging is not part of her class, it’s part of her life.
She posted her concern about whaling and friend Nadine – a really enthusiastic girl from Australia, answered immediately. In the meantime, I observed them. Loads of comments here and there and even here. I thought they could open a wiki to get organized more easily. They adopted the idea right away. You can pass by, read and even join in.

What I love about them:

  • They don’t demand help, they are autonomous. However, they appreciate suggestions. Great balance!
  • They’re good at combining action with reflection.
  • They are great at conversation. Have a look at the comments on the blogs and the discussion pages on the wiki!

I also love the fact that the web provides a territory for them to grow up and for me to watch them taking the lead !


4 Comments to “Watching students”

  1. Gabriela, this a wonderful validation that your students are using technology in such a personal, yet educational manner. I just posted some information about a educational network that has a vast amount of knowledge of animal migration, including whales. If it is OK for adults to comment on their blogs, I will send them the URL. Just in case, I will leave it here for you to share. Let me know;D

  2. Yes, Sheryl you can comment on their blogs. Tell them you’re my friend. I’m sure they’ll welcome your contribution.

  3. Hey Mrs G
    I have to say, you touched me with what your wrote there! You really think I am that good? Oh thank you, nice to have a supporter!! ūüôā
    You have a point, it is now Stephie’s life as blogging, almost mine too! We keep the conversation going on and on, we just love it. Together, we are really close.
    As soon as I saw Stephie’s post, how she wished to stop it, I straight away wanted it to become true so I said I’d love to participate and that lifted her spirits!
    Just a huge thanks for writing up this post, it means alot to me and Stephie, this way, others could see the wiki and comment. ūüėõ

  4. Stephie’s blog is the example of your good teaching art.

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