Registration for EVO sessions has just started.

I’m about to sign up for two of them:

Collaborative Writing

Last year I explored (or rather attempted to explore) collaborative writing with my students. Some questions have not been answered yet:

  • How to break the “group work” tradition which always results into a sort of Frankenstein piece of writing.
  • How to facilitate CW. What could be done before. Activities? Warm up activities?
  • How to help students assess their result.

Bonus motivation: WiZiQ sessions will be held.


Well, just because I love images.

  • My flickr account is one of my favourite ones.I would love to explore it further.
  • Images make me think, dream, create, imagine…
  • However, I cannot say images are part of my class.

Bonus motivation: Mary Hillis and Joao Alves are among the moderators.


I hope to learn a lot, come across old friends, meet new colleagues and have fun.

I feel tempted to sign up for the drama session. I’m in two minds right now. I don’t know whether to follow the organizers’ advice (warning?) :

We strongly recommend that you sign up for no more than two sessions.

or Oscar Wilde’s:

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

What to do?


6 Comments to “EVO09”

  1. Did you know that you can also embed the wiziq session right on your WordPress Blog.

    The information on the same is available at http://wiziq.typepad.com/

  2. Hi Gabriela,

    Well, I yielded to the temptation. I signed up for three sessions. I’ve been warned, I know.

    I have similar reasons for singing up to the Images session. I love images.

    See you around.


    • Natasa,
      I haven’t signed up for the drama session yet. I’ve been to that yahoo group lots of times, even clicked on the “join this group” buttom, and then thought: well, tomorrow.
      Thanks for visiting, I saw that “Crazy English” class, really crazy…
      See you

  3. Hello, Gabriela,
    I signed up for two sessions
    – images4education because i love photos but also because carla arena and mary hillis and some of the other moderators where also involved with last year’s blogging4educators session
    – and the conflict solving session since I have hit the wall of my students many prejudices towards the world surrounding them
    I really hope I’ll keep up with both. They just sound so interesting


  4. I understand you so well, though this year I’m forcing myself to stay out of it all!!! I feel really sorry, though, but, I do need to catch up with many other facets of my life, I’m afraid!

    All the best, & keep us posted!


  5. I’m so glad that you joined Images 4 Education! We are having a fabulous time and the interaction is just great! I’m so amazed at the variety of interesting contributions every day: photos, poems, blog posts! So many things to keep up with, but it is a wonderful chance to connect with educators around the world! See you around Ning!

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