Images4Education- Week 1

Learning environments


  • The whole session is scheduled on a wiki.
  • The sort of organization wikis allow make them easy to navigate.
  • It ‘s great to know all the syllabus in advance. It allows you to get organized and reduces anxiety.


  • The place for sharing, socializing, making suggestions and looking for help
  • It’s easy to use, quite intuitive, really.
  • The pages and external links are easily visualized in the tabs.
  • You can connect at different levels: private, personal, groups.

Flickr is an excursion. It’s one of my favourite sites, the one I’m always reluctant to leave. (I’m even considering getting a pro account, I’m tired of having to delete photos.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Week one was about getting acquainted with participants and with the different session environments. When I teach (face to face) I always privilege personal contact. I need my students to get involved with each other. I need them to develop a sense of belonging. I make this clear the very first class. No. I don’t speak about this. I develop activities that make them get involved, show them as individuals and visualize themselves as part of the group.

I know some (a lot of) people might think it is impossible -in only one week- to create a feeling of belonging in a virtual environment with 350 people taking part, people scattered all over the world. Well… believe me… it’s not impossible.

And in this case, the same rule that works with the physical world works with the virtual world. Don’t speak about it it, do it.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, just have a look here or here.

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One Comment to “Images4Education- Week 1”

  1. Dear Gabriela,

    I loved to hear your perspective as a participant. Thanks for the great support and active role you’re taking in our images4education group. You rock!

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