Other Lives

I’ve been trying to experience Second Life for a while. I’ve created two accounts, the first one was deactivated by SL because I was not using it.

The only time I summoned the courage to log in (many years ago) I felt absolutely lost. I tried to explore a little bit until someone asked me, “Are you new here?” I knew I was lost, but didn’t know I looked lost. I immediately signed out and never ever again visited SL.

A couple of issues have stood in my way and prevented me from experiencing SL.

First of all, the name. I just don’t like the word second. I mean, all my online activities are embedded in my life. Of course I play different roles, on and offline; but I’ve always regarded those roles as part of my own life. The idea of having a second life makes me feel a bit nervous. Maybe if I accept this, moving around a virtual world will be an enjoyable experience.

Secondly, my name. I just couldn’t use a fake name in none of the accounts I opened. Well, maybe I should start by calling it nickname, or rather, SL identity.

I hope by January 11th I’ll have got rid of those naming prejudices so that I can start flying and teleporting in the Village 2011 EVO session.

It’s high time I got some sandpaper and white paint to complete my mask.


2 Comments to “Other Lives”

  1. Fair enough – we all have to get used to our virtual identities which for some are an extension of their real identities (for me). It’s really different to function in the virtual space than in the real environment, but it’s so much fun too! I tried SL a couple of years ago and it was not without its problems. One day I was working on my space; it was in the evening and I was alone in SL and real life. This weird guy came up to me and started chatting and I… freaked out! It was really scary even though I was looking at my computer screen safely lodged into my armchair at home. (Then, it turned out he was one of the residents though). Anyways, I think there are many interesting aspects when it comes to living & working in SL. The identity and name parts are just so small in relations to the things you can do there. Hope you get over it! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Patricia, for sharing your experience.
      You see, there’s something with SL which makes it different from other virtual environments. I’ve never freaked out when someone I don’t know mentions me on Twitter, for instance.
      This difference, the prospect of the discovery is what drives me to give it a try. I know from past experiences how supportive EVO sessions are, so I’m certain I’ll get over my fears.
      Happy you’ll be around. Now I remember many years ago I gave FB a second chance after reading one of your posts!

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