About Me

I am a graduate teacher of English. I have been working for thirty years. I have been through lots of foreign language teaching trends and I have followed them all. But I’ve always wanted my students to get involved in their own process of learning. We teachers can artificially create the need to learn, the need to communicate but only if students go beyond the single moment of the class, they can appropriate the language and in doing so, they stop feeling that English is an appendix and they manage to approach it as just a tool to communicate. I strongly believe the web 2.0 tools can help to achieve this goal.



One Comment to “About Me”

  1. I saw your comments on teaching. I appreciate it.
    This is Amitabh from SMVD University, Jammu & Kashmir, India. I teach MBA(BE) students and MA Linguistics students.

    I am new to teaching profession. But I am using not a fixed approach or lesson plan for my students.

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