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When I started to think about a name for this blog, I knew I wanted to associate it with the name my blog in Spanish, Andamiada. I could have used a translation, scaffolding. I’d rather not, just for two reasons. One, I don’t like the sound of scaffold. Two, this blog is not the English version of Andamiada.


Just as I had done with Andamiada, I started my search in the dictionary, the old way; an online dictionary, though. The search for scaffold revealed lots of information. Scaffolds have to be linked to the structure; different kinds of ties are used for this purpose. There are through ties, anchor ties, box ties and reveal ties. I immediately regarded the reveal ties as a metaphor.

They are the least invasive of them all. It’s not necessary to drill the structure to install them: you just need to find a gap. This non invasive qualitity makes them not very reliable, so they need constant checking.


by Robby Garbett

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One Comment to “About this blog”

  1. Great metaphor. After all, we keep freeing ourselves from the anchors of a less than motivating education to find the gap and build again and new.
    Reflecting, connecting, networking and leveraging all that is what I feel ‘constant checking’ is all about.
    So go ahead and Take us Further 😉

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