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January 5, 2011

Other Lives

I’ve been trying to experience Second Life for a while. I’ve created two accounts, the first one was deactivated by SL because I was not using it.

The only time I summoned the courage to log in (many years ago) I felt absolutely lost. I tried to explore a little bit until someone asked me, “Are you new here?” I knew I was lost, but didn’t know I looked lost. I immediately signed out and never ever again visited SL.

A couple of issues have stood in my way and prevented me from experiencing SL.

First of all, the name. I just don’t like the word second. I mean, all my online activities are embedded in my life. Of course I play different roles, on and offline; but I’ve always regarded those roles as part of my own life. The idea of having a second life makes me feel a bit nervous. Maybe if I accept this, moving around a virtual world will be an enjoyable experience.

Secondly, my name. I just couldn’t use a fake name in none of the accounts I opened. Well, maybe I should start by calling it nickname, or rather, SL identity.

I hope by January 11th I’ll have got rid of those naming prejudices so that I can start flying and teleporting in the Village 2011 EVO session.

It’s high time I got some sandpaper and white paint to complete my mask.