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April 9, 2010


Last year I didn’t write much neither in English nor in Spanish and not because nothing much took place in my classes. Now I miss those not-written posts. I’d like to go back and trace the hints for prospective future situations I used to post to myself. Time, or rather lack of Time, could be the excuse. I agree few things are not done because of time constraints, there might be a lot of other reasons. Anyway, it’s not my intention to analyze why I did so little blogging last year.

I just want to remind myself of some of the things I enjoy and need. And to commit myself to keeping track of my classes this year.

March 12, 2009

A day in the life of a third world citizen

What a day today!

I started classes at school, woke up at six for the first time since December (except for a couple of days in February), met my students, oh, new paragraph.

The first group, 14 and 15 years old, inspiring group. Love at first sight. But that deserves its own post, not just its own paragraph.

Second group, a challenge.  Not now, please.

I forgot to say it’s been raining since I got up. The rain revealed a leak in my son’s bedroom!

Well, I left school, went to psychoanalysis session, that’s something we do here in Buenos Aires, came back home, worked on a project, chatted with Daniel, couldn’t talk, his mic? my headphones? his connection? my connection? his computer? my computer? this country? who knows?, electricity cut off. Yes, just like like. It was raining, I told you. When it rains I don’t know what it is that gets flooded and the electricity suddenly disappears. I cooked, candlelight. Romantic? No, undeveloped.

Clap, clap, electricity is back. I turn on my PC. Yes , no mobile, no laptop. A comment to moderate . An ex student, well, a student. She blogged with my class in 2007. She’s back. On her own.

I forget about the rain. About the leak. About the electricity. About living in the third world. I even forget about the things the institutions stubbornly deny.

Welcome, Renata .

(Ah, the title, should I have said consumer? Citizen is quite a dated word, I think.)

Update (a couple of seconds after posting and re reading). Mind you, I’ll not forget forever.