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February 14, 2008

Walking into

My students at school travel quite a lot. Usually around September or October. As in the English classes they are grouped according to their language level, we have a collection of students from different classes; classes which travel at different times. You can imagine how hard it is to organize those periods. One week you have half of your students and two weeks later the other half (this if you’re lucky enough to have students from only two different classes). And all that taking place at the end of the year when we are all tired and anxious to start holidays; really messy.

I think that one way to profit from this seemingly unprofitable situation could be to plan an activity in Community Walk. That’s certainly what they do: walk out of my class. They could mark the traces of their trip, upload photos, write comments. I could even ask other EFL teachers to send their students to comment. Double profit? Maybe another teacher also gets engaged. (Will I remember about this next October? Who knows…)


Thanks Barbara for pulling me into the map.

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