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January 12, 2010

Recovering Drama

Maybe living in the Southern Hemisphere is not that bad after all. The EVO Sessions held every year in January/February co-occur with my holidays, which makes it possible for me not only to read and interact and discuss and reflect and learn, but also to fully enjoy them.

This year I’ve signed up for two of them: Process Drama and Virtual Language Travel. On this post I’ll focus on the former.

Why I joined the session.

Many years ago I took drama classes. It was something I hadn’t planned or I hadn’t even dreamt of. Moreover, I would have stated I couldn’t act. A friend of mine was about to start to coordinate a drama group and I agreed to join it just to help him get to a meaningful number of members. The very first class I got hooked. Besides learning lots of things I had never suspected about myself, I learned something really important: anybody can perform drama. I’m not talking about being a great actor/actress, I’m just talking about performing drama.

At that time I started to use drama techniques in my classes. Sometimes through carefully planned lessons and many times spontaneously introducing an activity when I glimpsed the chance/need as the class was developing.

After quitting my drama classes I gradually stopped using drama in my EFL courses. I just missed the habit. I know how much students can benefit from drama. Being someone else frees you from the bonds you’ve built to construct your personality. As the person you are unties, your language unties as well.

When classes restart next March, I hope I will have recovered that healthy habit of taking my students into that trip through action and imagination.

Photo credit:  Johnson Cameraface