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January 16, 2008

Doing homework

I’ve been doing my homework.

Some days ago I opened my account in 43 things, persons and places. I was supposed to write down three things I want to do. I could think of only one, at least one that I could tell the world about. So I wrote: lie in the sun. Come to think of it… I lied, who would want to lie in the sun here in Buenos Aires, just have a look at the weather report,


and it’s midnight!
I wasn’t too engaged, but there lots of things to explore there. You have the possibility of not only listing but also writing an entry and posting it to your blog (I wonder if WP allows that, up to now it hasn’t allowed me to do much), and of course you can get in touch with people you share wishes with. I agree with Sarolta, students might like 43 things. I need to overcome my first impression and explore it.
I reluctantly opened another account today: twitter. I feel I have surrendered. But that’s the topic for the next post

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