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March 16, 2008

Youth and Age

One of my groups is going to work with Headway Upper Intermediate. Yesterday I had the first chance of having a look at the book. As soon as I saw the first unit was about people missing home, I thought: What a great path to get away from the book! Sorry OUP.
While I was engaged in typical Saturday activities, I listed the people I know who are living away from home, started to think how my students could contact them, thought that VoiceThread could be a good choice. However, I was faced to a limitation -all my online contacts are adults. I thought it would be more interesting for my students to get information from teens. The thing was… where to find them, how to contact them.

youthtweets.jpgI had been trying to work this out the whole Saturday afternoon. Going shopping; young people far away from home. Planting parsley; young people far away from home.. Having lunch; young people... Even, talking to my husband; young … At night I got to know someone new was following my tweets; well, not a person, Youth Tweets. Of course, there is someone who started Youth Twitter. After overcoming that forever present first techimpact of idontunderstandwhatthisis, I knew I had finally got to the place I’d been racking my brain to find.

Isn’t it great (at my age) to register to a site called Youth something?

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